Alexander Technique

at Masterclass

Roche sur Foron, 2011


Fiona Tree about Alexander Technique:

The Alexander Technique is a method for learning how to move &  breathe  more freely & easily by recovering the natural balance & coordination we were born with . Students learn awareness of how their system works, & ways to prevent & UNDO  habits of contraction stress & tension - in practice , performing & daily life -

Daily workshops, harp masterclasses & private lessons were given to explore basic Alexander technique principles as well as the students individual needs . In the daily workshops we explored the anatomy of upright balance & breathing with a little help from Bruce the skeleton .  Practical ways of undoing podium  & practicing anxiety . Awareness in movement & space through various games involving walking , taking our instruments , ball throwing, rhythm games - to name a few !  AND  most importantly an exercise ( laying down) in how to unwind , let go of stress & habitual tension . In other words learning  HOW to DO less to achieve MORE