About Fiona Tree


Fiona Tree began her harpstudies in England and continued in the Netherlands with Phia Berghout and then Edward Witsenburg, graduating with her solo diploma in 1983. After a musical career, injury led her to discover the Alexander Technique. A growing fascination with benefits such as good balance and coordination, stress relief, and maximizing one’s performance potential led her to train to become an Alexander teacher in 1997.

Since then Fiona has pioneered the introduction of the Alexander Technique into the curriculum at The Hague Royal Conservatoire, working with over 1000 students and teachers.

Manja Smits invited her to give workshops for the harpstudents in the ArtEZ Conservatoire and Prins Claus Conservatoire.

Alongside giving varied workshops, she has a thriving private practice at home in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Naam: Fiona Tree


Alexander Techniek voor The Hague Royal Conservatory / Conservatorium Den Haag


Alexander Techniek 1997

Harp solo diploma bij Edward Witsenburg (1983)

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Fiona Tree